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Superior Township

7049 South M-221

PO Box 366

Brimley, MI 49715 

Phone: (906) 248-5213 (During regular business hours, please press ext 3 for all water/sewer customer service needs.)
FAX: (906) 248-3376
  • Monday - Thursday 10 AM - 4 PM
  • Closed for Lunch, Noon to 1 PM
  • Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Modular Home Public Offer for Minimum Bid of $50K
Click link for more details
Updated Information: 6/4/2024
Fall Clean Up Days

Posted 06/18/2024 

Attn: Superior Township Property Owners/Residents: Thank you to everyone that participated in our Spring Clean Up this past week. It was a success! We handed out 143 vouchers. In the past, we saw only around 100 participants. Superior Township is committed to providing our residents the opportunity to keep their property free from blight.

The Superior Township Board will approve the Fall Clean Up dates at our regular July 23, 2024 meeting. Those dates will be posted no later than July 24, 2024. Please visit our website regularly for updates. 

Items not accepted at GFL Transfer Station:

Tires, Yard Waste, Liquid Paint & Chemicals, Hazardous Materials, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Air Conditioners or other items containing freon, or Household Trash. Refrigerators and Freezers are accepted for a fee of $15.00 each. Other metal items are accepted as scrap at no charge (stoves, washers, & dryers).

Please call 906-248-5213 ext. 3 or email

Office Hours Monday - Thursday 10am to 12pm, 1pm to 4pm

Due to low water levels at the Brimley Launch, we are unable to install the kayak and boat launches currently. The site may present a safety hazard, so we ask that the community refrain from any recreational activity at the launch area located at the Superior Township Park. We will continue to monitor the water levels and keep the public posted.
If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact the office Monday through Thursday 10am to 4pm.
906 248 5213 Ext. 3
906 322 5668
Posted Friday, April 19, 2024


Thank you for  visiting to process your utility payments or your current year property tax payments. Scroll down to Make Payments Simply. Click on the “Utility Payment Box” for Water/Sewer payments or click on the “Property Tax Payment Box” for your current year property tax payment. The property tax payment must be the exact amount shown on the tax bill. If you are paying your current year Summer property tax bill after September 16th, you must call the treasurer to get the exact amount owed with penalties. 906 248 5213 ext. 3. Partial payments will be rejected. 
If you prefer, feel free to drop off your payment(s) in one of our two payment drop boxes located at 7049 S. M-221, Brimley, MI 49715. Payments may be made by check, money order, or cashier’s check. . Please call 906 248 5213 ext 3 to abtain the exact amount of your current year Summer property tax bill with penalties.  Make checks payable to Superior Township. If you are paying a utility bill and a property tax bill, please issue two separate checks as these payments are deposited into two different bank accounts.
Feel free to call or text Susanne Kniskern, Superior Township Treasurer, anytime. 906 322 5668
Mail to address: PO Box 366 Brimley MI 49715



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Beginning July 1st thru the last day of February (of each year)  CURRENT YEAR property taxes can be paid thru Allpaid. If you are paying your CURRENT YEAR Summer Taxes after Sept 16th, you must call the Superior TWP treasurer for the actual amount due after penalties. Partial payments will be rejected. 906 248 5213 Ext. 3 or email



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